Sunday, May 4, 2014

How To Get Into A Football or Baseball Game For Free

Saw this video today where a fellow scammer shows you a great way to get into a ball game for free, plus a few other handy tricks once you're there. Check it out.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Free Movie

This one takes some guts, but again just remember the name of the game: Confidence. If you look like you belong doing what you're doing, then you do.

Okay, first thing to do is get a look at the person TAKING the tickets. If they look like an underpaid high school kid then this is going to work like 99% of the time.

You need the name of a manager at that theater. You can either call ahead the night before and ask who's managing tonight, or if you're smart you'll do it for a week and get a good number of the manager's names. Keep 'em in your phone's notepad for easy pull.

Then you need to find out who's managing the night you're going to the movies. Whoever is, that's a name you mentally cross off the list for that night. You can find out who's managing by calling ahead or just go to the snack counter and while you're paying for your popcorn or soda, casually ask the person taking your money.

Note: Having some snack in your hand typically helps sell the illusion that you belong there. Also, how the hell do you watch a movie without popcorn?

Take your snack to the ticket taker and as he looks at you for your ticket just say "Hi, I'm friends with--" and use the name of a manager not working that night. "He told me to just tell whoever's taking tickets and you'd let me in."

Almost every time this is going to work. The kid's not getting paid enough to give a shit, and there may even be impatient ticket holders behind you at this point. You'll get ushered through.

Enjoy the movie!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Free Fast Food

Fast food. It's not that expensive, but sometimes you just don't have the cash right?

There's a couple of ways to do this. If you're not feeling confident then what you do is this:

Call your favorite fast food joint and ask to speak to the manager. Get his/her name. When they get on the phone tell them that your wife/husband came through the drive through and the order was missing some items. (name the items you want but I'd make them fairly common if you want to assure success)

Then ask if you can come back and get them. (make sure you say "come back"; it helps reinforce the lie)

Usually the manager's not going to want to argue or debate, or even question you at all. Most of them are trained that the customer is always right, and is there anything more ridiculously untrue than that?

Then head on up there and get your free meal.

You can probably repeat this if you don't do it too often, and just check to make sure you're not getting the same manager. If you were going to push the line on this one I'd just start hitting different restaurants.

The variation on this is to just skip the phone call and walk on in, tell the story about your wife going through the drive thru. Your only worry will be if the manager then consults with the drive-thru person or the cooks, and they remember no such woman.

They probably won't call you on this, but if you make the phone call ahead of time then the manager will already be primed to expect your arrival.

Happy eating!

Scamming The System

I have always been a person who finds ways around the rules, the laws.

I thought...why not share some of these ways to circumvent rules and regulations. I'll leave the ethics up to you.

Just know, many of them take guts. You'll find that confidence will get you 99% of the way to what you want. If you believe the story you're telling/acting out, then so will others.

Good luck!